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In Papa and Me, a young boy and his papa may speak both Spanish and English, but the most important language they speak is the language of love. In this beautiful bilingual picture book, Arthur Dorros portrays the close bond between father and son, with lush paintings by Rudy Gutierrez. Fans of Abuelo; Abuela; and La Isla will be thrilled by this multigenerational picture book that emphasizes the overall message of love between a parent and child."

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Thông tin chi tiết
Tác giả Arthur Dorros,Rudy Gutierrez
Nhà xuất bản Harpercollins
Năm phát hành 06-2008
ISBN 9780060581565
Trọng lượng (gr) 363
Kích thước 1.0 x 28.0 x 23.0
Số trang 32
Giá bìa 218,000 đ