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Paddington is back in a smash-hit new movie! Celebrate the return of the bear from darkest Peru with this fantastic sticker activity book. Meet your favourite characters and make some new friends along the way as the marmalade-loving bear returns for another sticky adventure. Based on the plot of the brand new hit family film and featuring glossy images from the movie, this amazing activity book is packed with games, puzzles, crafts and much more! Includes: Special Paddington postcards A make-your-own-mask Reversible Paddington door hanger And over 150 super stickers! The perfect gift for small paws!

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Thông tin chi tiết
Tác giả Emma Drage
Nhà xuất bản HarperCollins s
Năm phát hành 11-2017
ISBN 9780008254452
Trọng lượng (gr) 330
Kích thước 0.0 x 27.0 x 21.0
Số trang 48
Giá bìa 128,000 đ