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Referencing classroom-based research, Focus on Oral Interaction looks at the contribution of teacher-student interaction and peer-peer interaction in classrooms, among school-age English language learners.

Key areas covered include formulaic and creative language use, the different ways of scaffolding learning, the use of corrective feedback, the relationship between oral interaction and print literacy, as well as differences that learner aptitude and motivation make to language learning. Additional activities are provided to help teachers relate the content to their own teaching context.

The book includes:

Spotlight Studies, highlighting important research on oral interaction in classrooms.

Classroom Snapshots, featuring descriptions of teachers and students engaged in different approaches to teacher-student interaction and peer-peer interaction in classrooms.

Activities which encourage comparison and reflection, helping you to relate research and theory on oral interaction to your own teaching context.

This book is part of the Oxford Key Concepts for the Language Classroom series, focusing on key topics for teaching English as a second or foreign language. These research-led instructional guides link the theories of second language acquisition and pedagogy with classroom practice, helping you to reflect on what needs to happen in the language classroom.

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Tác giả Rhonda Oliver, Jenefer Philp
Nhà xuất bản Oxford University Press
Năm phát hành 04-2014
ISBN 9780194000840
Trọng lượng (gr) 232
Kích thước 15.5 x 1.3 x 23.4
Số trang 144
Giá bìa 250,000 đ