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In the wake of his incredibly successful TV show, The Apprentice, Donald Trump has gone beyond celebrity to become a true legend. He is the one billionaire everyone recognizes, the only one whose name is its own global brand. But, for all the ink that's been spilled about him, nobody's ever fully captured the man -- until now. Robert Slater has written the first book on Trump that's worthy of this outsized American figure. Slater convinced Trump to give him unprecedented access: over 100 hours of private conversations and meetings. Wherever Trump went, Slater was there: as a 'fly on the wall' at secret deal-making sessions, on a Gulfstream jet trip to the dedication of Trump's newest skyscraper, everywhere. Slater interviewed 150 Trump employees and colleagues -- even top competitors such as Kirk Kerkorian and Steve Wynn. Now, he reveals the man in full: the businessman and dealmaker, strategist and survivor, celebrity and personality always striving for more attention and success, whatever the obstacles. Learn how Trump transformed himself from an unknown local real estate developer to a global magnate. See how he really does business, discovering lessons that go far beyond anything he's let the public see before. Witness his brilliant media him leverage his celebrity to save his casino business from billion-dollar debts, not once but twice. Most remarkable of all, discover how Trump really feels about his celebrity, his empire, his life.

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