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T-FLAC/psi operative Simon Blackthorne goes to Africa to continue the global war against paranormal terror–never expecting to clash swords with strong-willed Kess Goodall.

Kess struggles in her own desperate battle to unravel a deadly secret that has killed millions in the tiny country of Mallaruza. But Simon proves to be the ultimate distraction: his very presence takes her body to the edge of a pleasure-filled abyss, his touch superbly rapturous. Now, against a backdrop of staggering beauty and horrific violence, with danger at every turn and libidos in overdrive, a spirited woman and an indomitable wizard face a malevolent force more frightening than both can imagine.

With foes strong and numerous, Kess and Simon must forge a bond strong enough to eliminate a sadistic enemy before Mallaruza is lost to terrorist control and the world forever changed.

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Thông tin chi tiết
Tác giả Cherry Adair
Nhà xuất bản Random House
ISBN 9780345499905
Trọng lượng (gr) 50
Kích thước 17.53x10.67
Số trang 336
Giá bìa 111,000 đ