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Reading Explorer Is A Four-Level Reading Series Which Uses Carefully Adapted National Geographic Text, Images And Video To Develop Reading And Vocabulary Skills For Learners Of English. Stunning Real-World Content Supported By Stunning Visuals Develops Learners' Understanding Of The Wider World In Which They Live. Reading Passages Introduce A Variety Of Text Types, Develop Visual Literacy, And Incorporate Graphic Organizers, To Help Learners Become Better Readers In English. Reading Comprehension Activities Include Question Types Commonly Found On High-Stakes International Exams. Vocabulary Practice Activities Build Awareness Of High-Frequency Vocabulary Items And Provide Additional Mini-Passages For Reading Practice. Vocabulary Builder Boxes Highlight Common Collocations, Affixes, And Usage To Develop Learner Independence. Video Activities Include Step-By-Step Activities For Additional Comprehension And Vocabulary Practice While Motivating Students To Learn More About A Topic. Review Units Recycle Vocabulary And Reading Skills Through A Vocabulary Review And A Magazine-Like Spotlight On Unesco World Heritage Sites. Student Cd-Rom Contains All 12 Video Clips, 24 Reading Passages And 48 Vocabulary Activities With Additional Self-Scoring Exercises.

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Tác giả Douglas
Nhà xuất bản Cengage Learning
ISBN 9781424029365
Trọng lượng (gr) 590
Kích thước 27.5x21.4
Số trang 224
Giá bìa 237,000 đ