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The importance of investigating karstified aquifers lies in their significance as a major source of drinking water. This book describes methods that are basic to all hydrogeological studies, such as hydraulic investigations, hydrochemistry, geophysics, isotope chemistry and modelling, but with the emphasis placed on their application to karst systems. Other techniques are specific to the karst environment, such as the speleological exploration of aquifers and water tracing. The various chapters of this book are written by experts in different methods. Most of the chapters are multi-authored, and the authors include hydrogeologists who are experienced in evaluating a variety of karst environments and who together, provide a comprehensive review of karst methods.

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Tác giả Nico Goldscheider, David Drew
Nhà xuất bản Taylor and Francis Asia Pacific
ISBN 9780415428736
Trọng lượng (gr) 625
Kích thước 24.6x17.4
Số trang 264
Giá bìa 3,188,000 đ