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The book is like a monologue to each person after the feelings of sadness, brokenness, and happiness. All are built from fragments of love fragments, breaks and we have to use our faith as a binder for these discrete things. There are people who inadvertently like that, there are unfinished songs like that. Unfinished love is still love, and an incomplete song is called a song? We do not have any songs for ourselves, the petty memories we have gathered hide deep in my mind, what is left after all the passionate love. How earnest we were, how passionate, we all understand, how lonely and lonely we were, only we understood. Tomorrow, whether there is anyone who gives us the passionate like someone used to, there is no one for us who idly voiced sweet and warm lyrics, there is no one because we are willing to write a love song, then will anyone be patient enough to finish the song and go with us to the end of the road? Everything in this life is not only about love, who would suddenly want to be a surrogate, anonymous companion. No one wants to be a temporary fulcrum for anyone, but there are exceptions, and we are a typical example of that exception. We resigned to being an independent person next to his life, we vowed to become a place for him/her to come, bored. Everything is because we volunteered to volunteer when we fell in love with a person who had a home, are we? Even though we knew that right from the start, this relationship was wrong, but we couldn't stop it. Because we love a significant one, we braved a shadow walking beside you. We vow to build a temporary shelter for her/him to shelter in the rainy days and a small station for her/him to dock temporarily after a long distance.

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