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The book makes us understand that everything is going to pass, not just weeping, not just hanging on to believing that failure is good in everything. Life is cruel, but if people still have the heart of each other, they are certainly going to be pampered without predestined conditions. We must all have witnessed the afternoons having lived so much at the age of five that they let go of their hands into the depths of despair. We have gone through lifetime of deep and deep love which quickly dissolves into nothingness. We understand that the rains never helped clear away traces of disappointment and sadness from the heart. So trust in her heart is a privilege, she wants to be full but shy: she can't catch up or capture fear of rushed emotions; fear of putting on feelings and then making life sorrow. This life is inherently fair, everybody will find the right piece. Do not fear that no one loves you, only the right person has not appeared for you. Just be happy and enjoy life, for he will come the day nearest. Whether the person they love is like them or not, even if they don't believe in their own feelings. Arbitrarily a person finds himself grieved, arbitrarily someone, unlike himself, is the agony of slicing through hope, there is no confidence that they will step on. They'll love you too much to make up for the days you haven't come across yet. Above all, they will bring you a sense of peace and comfort. So everyone's going to have someone like that. Your story is about living well, and patiently waiting. There's love that doesn't dare to say, people love silently in such a sweet and pitiful way. And there's love itself that can't tell no matter how strong their bravery is, it can't utter a single word.

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Tác giả Rollo May
Năm phát hành 06-2020