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Llama has a sharing drama!

Build a tower. Make a moat.

Nelly's dolly sails a boat.

What can Llama Llama add?

Maybe sharing's not so bad.

Llama Llama has new neighbors! Nelly Gnu and her mama stop by for a play date, but Llama's not so sure it's time to share all his toys. Maybe just his blocks? It could be fun to make a castle with Nelly . . . But wait--Nelly has Llama's little Fuzzy Llama! The fun turns to tears when Fuzzy Llama is ripped in two, "all because of Nelly Gnu!" Mama comes to the rescue and fixes Fuzzy, but she makes it clear: "I'll put Fuzzy on the stairs, until you're sure that you can share."

Fun to read aloud and helpful to children and parents alike, Llama Llama Time to Share is for any child who needs a little encouragement in sharing.

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Thông tin chi tiết
Tác giả Anna Dewdney
Nhà xuất bản Viking Books for Young Readers
ISBN 9780670012336
Trọng lượng (gr) 523
Kích thước 26.7 x 1 x 26.2
Số trang 40
Giá bìa 288,000 đ