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Let's Talk Second Edition is a fully revised edition of Let's Talk, the successful three-level speaking and listening course that takes students from a high-beginning to a high-intermediate level. The Let's Talk 1, Second Edition,Teacher's Manual has been enhanced and expanded to offer increased support and flexibility. Included are detailed teaching notes, clear learning objectives for every activity, teaching tips, expansion activities, and writing options. Provided as photocopiables in the back of the book are model conversations for discussion support, talking points for additional speaking practice, and a complete assessment program including quizzes and tests. The Audio CD packaged with the Teacher's Manual provides all the listening sections for the assessment program

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Tác giả Leo Jones
Nhà xuất bản Cambridge
ISBN 9780521692854
Trọng lượng (gr) 668
Kích thước 28x22
Số trang 232
Giá bìa 397,000 đ