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This irresistible reading series is sure to fire the imagination of young readers with its exciting range of high-interest topics and its great-looking, easy-to-follow design. Developed with literacy experts, this five-level graded reading series will guide young readers as they build confidence and fluency in their literacy skills and progress towards reading alone. Tadpoles and Frogs introduces readers to the fascinating life cycle of the frog, and includes information about a variety of different frogs from around the world. See for series information and for free audiobooks.

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Thông tin chi tiết
Tác giả Thea Feldman
Nhà xuất bản MacMillan
Năm phát hành 12-2019
Công ty phát hành Macmillan
ISBN 8838057194142
Số trang 32
Giá bìa 158,400 đ