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"Investigating Your Career 2nd edition" has recently been updated to a copyright 2011 to include Math and Financial information. This text is the perfect solution for the states that now require/recommend a semester length middle school/junior high career course before graduating students to high school. This is an opportunity for students to direct their attention toward an area of interest that might develop into a career path and identify high school and college course offerings related to their career choices. This copyright update edition can be used concurrently with the copyright 2008 edition. This revised middle school/junior high career exploration text uniquely focuses on the students individual PATH to success: their Passions, Attitude, Talents, and Heart, as career possibilities are explored. By choosing a career based on what they want to do, they develop the ability to make informed decisions about their future, are more excited about learning, and are more motivated to stay in school. New Math and Financial exercises have been added. Students learn critical success skills such as how to budget their money, the value and misuse of credit, and how to manage their time. Focusing education on the future, the U.S. Office of Education has grouped careers into 16 clusters based on similar job characteristics. Every chapter in "Investigating Your Career 2nd Edition" includes detailed information on a career cluster allowing students to learn about the various career options available to them. The career cluster approach makes it easier for students to understand the relevance of their required courses and helps them select their elective courses more wisely.

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Thông tin chi tiết
Tác giả Ann Jordan,Lynne T Whaley
Nhà xuất bản South-Western College Publishing
Năm phát hành 10-2010
ISBN 9781111430108
Trọng lượng (gr) 921
Kích thước 1.6 x 28.2 x 21.6
Số trang 320
Giá bìa 2,442,000 đ