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I Wonder Why Spiders Spin Webs

Everything you want to know about creepy-crawlies, and a bit more!

This highly popular and long-running series has been revamped for a new generation of readers, with a clean, crisp redesign and colourful covers. The series explores questions that young readers ask about the world around them in an unrivalled child-friendly style. The conversational format is perfect for delivering solid information in a natural, amusing and imaginative way. Designed to amuse and intrigue the young reader, this book combines cartoons with facts and simple analogies to provide an introduction to the world of creepy-crawlies asking questions such as: which beetle fires a spray gun?; can spiders kill people?; and which insect tastes with its toes?

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Thông tin chi tiết
Tác giả Amanda O'Neill
Nhà xuất bản MacMillan
Công ty phát hành Macmillan
ISBN 9780753431153
Giá bìa 237,600 đ