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This book is very suitable for those who are new to the detective, not too tough, even the readers can be a detective to explain things. What I appreciate in that book is the human meaning in it: Everyone deserves a second chance, but to get that chance, one must first learn to face and pay the price. for your mistakes. A terrible mistake that in the panic, all four main characters decided to make a covenant forever buried. Set in a small American town, the book revolves around the story of a group of teenage friends. Summer high school senior years should probably be the most memorable memory in student time. Therefore, in a free country like the United States, it is inevitable moments of fun and loss of control. And one of those extremist impulses drove them to make a terrible mistake. A year later, the group seemed to sever all ties until Julie received an anonymous letter with a menacing message. The panic from here has actually begun, who knows that truth. The characters have chosen to run away and now they have to pay for the mistake in the most painful way. The book is just a detective story, not too many suspenseful, sensational, and terrifying details like in the movie. I have this feeling because before I came to this book, I came across the film version which was adapted and quite impressed with the film. The book is also quite thin so it can be completed within a few days and the main draw is that everyone makes mistakes but it is important to know that you are wrong and correct the errors. Overall, I quite like this book, which gives me a lot of multidimensional thoughts about my mistakes I've made in the past. Reading can sometimes make us ponder a lot.

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Tác giả Lois Duncan
Năm phát hành 04-2020