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The book provides a profound lesson in grasping happiness to hold on to love or merely to let love grow as naturally as possible. We often like to listen to sad music. Regardless of our mood, sad music makes sense. But could not bear his sorrow. Why is it not as beautiful as sad music people write. And I, there are a couple of disappointments. We always have a reason for our decisions, which must be good for us. I'm not wrong, I'm just too protective of myself. That is good, the world is big and we are small, we cannot love anyone who will love us. Writers and poets poet poetics and we are the reality of sadness. There were only a sigh and a quick smile, it was enough to cover the eyes of the world from the crazy stirring of emotions in the heart. How to refrain from complaining of self-responsibility. People nowadays are very enlightened, they always try to put on a proper appearance, so that the night will come back sloppy and crumpled like a page that is tarnished, flipping, sometimes shed a few tears, and then he grabbed, tried to seem merciless, unintentional. So pitiful that no one loves us. Afternoon no one shuttle. But no one asked in the morning. Every weekend no one is dating. We pitiful like that but no one loves us. I lock the door, they lock the door. We locked ourselves in the depths of loneliness that no one knows. When we fall in love, we will become a couple now. After all, are we pitiful or hateful? We erase our joy and hang the poster so no one can love me in my heart. An unfinished love story, it is not necessary to make me my life unfinished. In this world, people love each other and then parted so rife. It turned out that in the midst of the calm that people often said was calm and smooth, inside there were too many fragments that could not be uttered into words, nor made a sound.

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Tác giả Dr. Sue Johnson
Năm phát hành 06-2020