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In November 2003 it will already be 40 years since the horrific assassination of President Kennedy. But the appeal of the Kennedys and their Camelot court remains as strong as ever, as the regular flow of books about them attests. But unlike so many of these other books, Sally Bedell Smith's Grace and Power has no axe to grind about the Kennedys: no obsession with JFK's womanising, or the alleged Mafia connections, or the family's susceptibility to tragedy. Instead, in a major work of history she tells the story of John and Jackie's three years in the White House straight: soberly, comprehensively, sensitively, from beginning to sudden end. Grace and Power is, then, a compassionate and immensely poignant chronicle of pivotal historical events seen from the inside out, from within the private home of the President and First Lady. When John Kennedy entered the White House he was only 43; his vulnerable wife Jackie, astonishingly, just 31. For all the superficial opulence and lavish partying of their social circle, we see, therefore, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the burgeoning American civil rights movement from the perspective of an invalid president often barely well enough to appear in public, and a young wife abandoned by her husband's relentless womanising. But in a single brief epoch, they changed the politics and style of America. Forty years on from JFK's assassination, as many people who are far too young to remember it are fascinated by the Kennedys just as much as those who remember exactly where they were. This is the classic account of that time.

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Tác giả Sally Bedell Smith
Nhà xuất bản APD ( Thames ) Singapore PTe Ltd
ISBN 9781845130039
Trọng lượng (gr) 2600
Kích thước 24x17
Số trang 608
Giá bìa 805,000 đ