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Since 1927, Goldman-Cecil Medicine has been the world's most influential internal medicine resource, and its 25th edition continues to set the standard for all other references of its kind. Edited by Drs. Lee Goldman and Andrew I. Schafer, this dynamic reference, with its practical, straight-forward style, templated organization, evidence-based references, and robust interactive content, is quite simply the fastest and best place to find all of the authoritative, state-of-the-art clinical answers you need. Unlike other texts, its focused coverage of the latest developments in biology with the specifics of current diagnosis and therapy-including medication doses-helps you understand, diagnose, or treat essentially anything you encounter. Inside, you'll find definitive, unbiased, evidence-based guidance on the evaluation and management of every medical condition from a veritable "Who's Who" of modern medicine as well as over 1,000 board-style questions and answers for certification or recertification review. Regular updates personally selected by Dr. Goldman are directly integrated into each eBook chapter to ensure the content is as current as the day the book was published!

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Tác giả Lee Goldman,Andrew I Schafer
Nhà xuất bản Elsevier - Health Sciences Division
Năm phát hành 06-2015
ISBN 9780323288002
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Số trang 3024
Giá bìa 2,021,000 đ