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The book helps me understand that loving a heartless person means that it takes a lot of courage to cope with grief. I always thought I was a brave, strong person, always thought that he would touch his heartlessness or adapt to that heartlessness. But in the end, I'm still a stray kitten, confused in the middle of this floating love affair. Like, she needs someone to say goodnight to her every night, even if she doesn't care if she sleeps well, sometimes we need someone to support her life to help her. single. Sometimes we need someone to be with us, even though their presence makes no sense. But, why is that person me? The book recommends that we value ourselves and our family more. How many times do you remember celebrating your mother's birthday the same way you remember the birthdays of strangers out there? How many times have you made an appointment with your parents that this weekend you will come back to your mother but then you are busy once drinking with your brothers, busy once going out with friends and then you miss an appointment with your parents. You can be busy with your parents, not with outsiders. Because you think you can never go home, you have lived there for ten or twenty years and now it is okay not to be busy once. We all have passed the age of pursuing romantic love. Also tired of thinking about love. Experiencing a few love affair, loving anyone, breaking up with everyone has become boring old stories. Not disgusting love but lazy to think about. I was lazy to start a relationship with others, start saying words from flirting, asking each other, and then going on a date, being a lover. Such a process, I was no longer fit and was not interested anymore.

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Tác giả Henry Drummond
Năm phát hành 06-2020