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Explore the Properties of Today's Widely Used Nanomaterials-- and Assess Their Potentially Harmful Effects on the Environment Environmental Nanotechnology is the first book to assist you in both understanding the properties of new nanomaterial-centered technology and assessing the potentially harmful effects these materials may have on the environment. Written by a team of 29 leading experts from around the world, this comprehensive book presents cutting-edge coverage of the fabrication, characterization, and measurement of nanomaterials!emerging markets for nanomaterials!nanotechnologies in the energy industry!nanotechnologies for environmental quality!nanotechnology transport and fate in the environment!toxicological impacts of nanomaterials!and much more. Filled with detailed illustrations, Environmental Nanotechnology features: State-of-the-art techniques for the characterization and measurement of nanomaterials The latest findings on the transport and fate of nanomaterials in the environment Nanotechnologies for energy production, storage, and distribution In-depth analyses of the ecotoxicological impacts of nanomaterials New methods for developing nanomaterials with less environmental risk Inside This Landmark Environmental Engineering Guide _ / Nanomaterials: New Challenges and Opportunities / Fabrication of Nanomaterials / Characterization and Measurement of Nanomaterials / Emerging Markets for Nanomaterials / Nanomaterial-Enabled Technologies for Energy Production, Storage, and Distribution / Nanomaterial-Enabled Technologies for Environmental Quality / Nanomaterial Transport and Fate in the Environment / Ecotoxicological Impacts of Nanomaterials / Toxicological Impacts of Nanomaterials

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Tác giả Mark Wiesner, Jean Yves Bottero
Nhà xuất bản MCGRAW-HILL Professional
Năm phát hành 07-2007
ISBN 9780071477505
Trọng lượng (gr) 885
Kích thước 3.6 x 23.1 x 15.5
Số trang 540
Giá bìa 2,300,000 đ