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If you are a trainee teacher or experienced practitioner new to research, or are simply wondering how to get started on your education research project, this practical book will be your guide. The authors offer simple steps to ensure that you ask the key questions in the most effective way possible. The book guides you through the entire research process: from clarifying the context and conceptual background, to presenting and analysing the evidence gathered. Supported by examples, checklists and diagrams, this fully revised and updated edition includes a wealth of information on: - research design - evidence gathering techniques - practitioner research - ethics - data analysis techniques. This book will be valuable to anyone newly embarking on a research or a professional or school development project, whatever stage they are at within the teaching community, from training for QTS, higher degree, or in need of evidence-backed decisions for the strategic development of their school.

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Thông tin chi tiết
Tác giả Neil Burton,Mark Brundrett,Marion Jones
Nhà xuất bản Sage Publications Ltd
Năm phát hành 02-2014
ISBN 9781446266779
Trọng lượng (gr) 439
Kích thước 2.0 x 24.0 x 17.0
Số trang 264
Giá bìa 662,000 đ