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The author presents his framework called Six Minds, applied in analysis phase, after research and user interviews, to design better products. The framework focuses on:

1/ vision/attention: where are users eyes looking?

(đọc tiếp...)

2/ wayfinding: how do users navigate?

3/ memory: what are the frames of reference users are using?

4/ decision making: what is users decision making process?

5/ language: the language users use imply their level if expertise 

6/ emotions: what are their fears? What makes them feel accomplished? How do they immediately feel when using our product?

It’s good in general, but I feel everything is a little shallow and generalized. I find some parts, especially the one about languages pretty obvious and unnecessary: we need to know the users we are designing for, the words they use when talking about the issues we are trying to solve. It’s just too basic to occupy the whole chapter. The author demonstrates his concept with some examples, but I find them not to the point. 

However this framework is really helpful to truly understand user’s mental models, their expectations and the way they frame the problems. 

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Tác giả John Whalen. PhD
Năm phát hành 02-2020
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