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"Bullying affects millions of children throughout the world each year. Recent advances in technology have led to greater prevalence of cyberbullying using e-mail, instant messages, social networking sites, and other digital messaging systems. The second edition of Cyberbullying provides the most current information on the nature and prevalence of this quickly-evolving issue that causes unique challenges and concerns for children, parents, and educators. Examining the latest research and methods for studying this issue, the authors have utilized vital studies involving over 3500 middle-school students, online research projects on cyberbullying on blogs, and data from focus groups of victims, perpetrators, and their parents. This edition includes updated and expanded empirical data; coverage of the newest digital venues where cyberbullying is appearing, including social networking sites; and a look at occurrences of cyberbullying among adults and among children with disabilities. The book also covers sexting and some of the legal issues surrounding it. The authors--internationally known experts in the field--provide practical tips for parents and educators on how to prevent cyberbullying through family and classroom discussions about proper online behavior. They also offer suggestions for successful intervention techniques in cyberbullying episodes that stem from their own work, research, and experiences"--

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Tác giả David A Aaker
Nhà xuất bản John Wiley
ISBN 9781405159920
Trọng lượng (gr) 350
Kích thước 23x14.7
Số trang 224
Giá bìa 546,000 đ