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This volume broadens the horizon of educational research in North America by introducing a comprehensive dialogue between Eastern and Western philosophies and perspectives on the subject of curriculum theory and practice. It is a very timely work in light of the progressively globalized nature of education and educational studies and the increasingly widespread attunement to Eastern educational theories in the West. By introducing Eastern perspectives, this book questions taken-for-granted thinking in Western educational thought about the foundations of teaching and learning, curriculum theory, educational policy, and educational issues such as teaching for social justice, service-learning initiatives, human rights and environmental education, and the teaching of content area subjects. It provides an important opportunity for scholars from different countries and different disciplines to establish a solid yet accessible foundation of East-West inquiry that furthers the scope and depth of curriculum studies and to disseminate the insights from this book in the venues in which they work. Researchers, faculty, and graduate students in the fields of curriculum theory, curriculum and instruction, educational foundations, philosophy of education, international/comparative education, and multicultural educational studies will welcome this book. It is appropriate as a text for upper-level courses in these areas.

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Tác giả Claudia Eppert, Hongyu Wang, Claudia Eppert, Hongyu Wang
Nhà xuất bản Taylor and Francis Asia Pacific
ISBN 9780805856743
Trọng lượng (gr) 550
Kích thước 22.6x15.4
Số trang 392
Giá bìa 665,000 đ