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1. Will come out well before March Madness.

2. Great Father’s Day gift too.

3. Pat Williams is very well known – active author and public speaker – well respected in basketball industry –high visibility.

Pat Williams has drawn on his basketball industry connections to compile great stories from on and off the court.  Fans will be inspired, surprised, and even amused, by inside stories from well-known coaches and players, fascinating looks behind the scenes, and anecdotes from the people who make it all possible – the fans.  Includes first person stories from 21 basketball celebrities, plus Pat Williams:

Caron Butler – current NBA all-star for the Washington Wizards

Dolph Schayes – former NBA great; one of the top 50 players in NBA history

Jim Les – former NBA player and current college coach (Bradley University)

Matt Doherty – former UNC player and head coach; current head coach at SMU

Ron Hunter – head coach at IUPUI

Sam Smith – well-known sports writer/basketball columnist

Gregg Popovich – head coach of the San Antonio Spurs

Donn Nelson – general manager of the Dallas Mavericks

Bob Love – former NBA all-star

Ed O’Bannon – collegiate basketball player of the year in 1995 for UCLA

Ann Meyers-Drysdale – first woman to play in the NBA; current GM of the Phoenix Mercury (WNBA)

Grant Hill – current NBA all-star with the Phoenix Suns

Sheila Johnson – president of the Washington Mystics (WNBA) and former wife of Bob Johnson (BET)

Adonal Foyle – current NBA player

Charlie Villanueva – current NBA player

Chuck Daly – Basketball Hall of Fame coach; won two championships with the Detroit Pistons; coached the 1992 Dream Team

Chris Paul – current NBA all-star and USA Basketball Olympian

Greg Kite – former NBA player

Skip Caray – former well-known sports broadcaster

Pat Riley – Miami Heat president; former coach of the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat

John Gabriel – NBA scout and former Orlando Magic general manager

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Thông tin chi tiết
Tác giả Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Pat Williams
Nhà xuất bản Chicken Soup for the Soul
Năm phát hành 02-2009
ISBN 9781935096290
Trọng lượng (gr) 432
Kích thước 21.6 x 2.5 x 14
Số trang 400
Giá bìa 220,000 đ