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A three-trimester evolutionary crash course to guide the prehistoric papa-to-be through the prenatal, preparental wilderness. Every man should read it!

What’s a clueless caveman about to become DAD to do? After all, it’s tough carrying a child for nine months—for him as well as for her. He’s just not sure how to behave. But help is on hand, in the form of a reassuring (and hysterically funny) course for the totally perplexed. Along with a large dose of humor, it provides the father-to-be with all the know-how he needs to become a well-prepared, well-heeled partner who’s really ready to stand upright and embrace his new responsibilities…rather than cowering from them. Every cave-student will find out how to support his mate through this emotional time, cope with his own feelings, deal with baby-related projects, and perform admirably during labor and delivery. So whether it’s catering to his exhausted companion’s needs by preparing a nutritional and tasty meal or engaging in a snuggle session when she craves a little cuddling, with the help of this book a guy will become the proud Cro-Magnon caregiver he longs to be!

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Thông tin chi tiết
Tác giả David Port , John Ralston , Gideon Kendall
Nhà xuất bản Sterling
ISBN 9781402735264
Trọng lượng (gr) 450
Kích thước 22.86x19.3
Số trang 240
Giá bìa 180,000 đ