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Many organizations today are preparing for an expected wave of retirements. Almost twice as many job openings are occurring from retirement as from economic expansion - the result of a steadily aging workforce. The implications for businesses and other large organisations are enormous, as organisational leaders struggle to fill the talent pipeline. In this context, organisations are stepping up their investments in career planning and succession management. These programmes have generally been treated in isolation, and the art of attracting, developing, and grooming talent from the bottom up and the top down is being lost. Drawing from the authors' decades of research and practical experience, a survey of 1,000 human resource practitioners, and examples from a wide variety of organisations, this book shows readers how to create the crucial link between succession and career development programmes. Showcasing the most current theory and practice, it addresses issues such as: how to prevent top performers from leaving; how to balance the competing needs of promoting versus recruitment; and dealing with unexpected "retirements" in an age of corporate scandal.

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Tác giả William J Rothwell, Robert D Jackson, Shaun C Knight, John E Lindholm
Nhà xuất bản APD ( Thames ) Singapore PTe Ltd
ISBN 9780275983598
Trọng lượng (gr) 594
Kích thước 23.5x15.5
Số trang 256
Giá bìa 1,162,000 đ