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The book makes us understand that pain never vanishes, never stops, just varies in shape, intensity depending on how each person feels and behaves when faced with it. Come on. Please come on. No one goes through life without feeling pain. Life would have no real sense because people have suffered to experience even more. Boys will call on hundreds of lover rolls. Since the noisy music and the vagueness of perception overwhelmed her. He learned she 'd been happy at the same time with not one but many other guys. Nothing hurts worse than grown-up love. When I grow up, my heart knows a lot of things too. The results obtained are rarely complete, offering carefree and tired results. Then, the next time someone wants to believe and give away for someone else. There is no harm to the sparkling past. Which means we got wonderful experiences. The person who yesterday brought tenderness, not to clean it up when turning away, it is just that we need to be clear between memories and reality. I am not going to touch you today, don't interrupt your happiness. Yet I have to see your eyes fuzzy. To be able to see you with another joy-with a genuinely happy feeling - it's important to soothe yourself. So, if it's the default pain in a lifetime that has a lot of incidents, then take it as a natural thing, accept it and face it, never think that there's just one that I've got to endure. We live well not being loved or jealous or admired by some man. We lead our own lives, on our own. Live with pride and confidence so we'll never regret looking back. Standing under the bright yellow sunshades, next to the busy lane, in the middle of a large centre, everything makes our souls shrink, silent, dark, and lonely. What you and I need isn't comfort, it's just peace in the heart of this isolated city.

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Tác giả Stephen A. Mitchell
Năm phát hành 06-2020