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The two main characters are Madeline and Jonathan in “Call from an angel” are too selfish. Because of trying to save her husband's career, she was almost raped to accidentally kill, and because of her husband, she had to set up an adultery play, had to accept a divorce that her husband still loved. Jonathan, after knowing everything, an expression of anger also indicates anger, followed by emotionlessness. Then the silhouette of his former wife completely disappeared from him like a strange memory. Perhaps it has been through the time of honoring the power of love, to me now love is one thing but there are many other things that are more respectable. Still, a thrilling, intriguing literary voice, mixed with a bit of detective, still a cross between the past and reality still feels like to devour until the end. An accidental connection has caused two strange people to face their past together so that they will be hit by each other's love at first sight. In fact, the heroine is equally heartless with her fiance. I feel tired when I read this book, even though it is a bit intriguing, but the absurd episodes that keep making me fall into unnecessary situations. Love is indeed not at fault, but the outcome of the book makes me a bit dissatisfied and feel that everything is so easy to believe. Perhaps I'm more demanding about Guillaume Musso's works and this expectation makes me a bit bored reading this book. But nonetheless, the author's style is still an attractive one. Another plus point is that the author of the detective phase is quite harmonious, making me not feel uncomfortable and swept away by those suspenseful details. I think this is an inherent feature of the author and almost every book is seen.

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Tác giả Guillaume Musso
Năm phát hành 04-2020