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This book is not for those who are daydreaming but for those who have dreamed about finding past old memories. There will be people because of our sharp eyes, our angular faces that turn our heads back to look curious. There will be people who are curious about the goods on the road we sell, so we stop to enjoy them. They continue their life journey. One of that year was the guest who stopped at the inn. It's just that we want to try the taste of tea that someone poured into my heart. There will also be people who stay with vibration, because of touching and shoulder to shoulder. They certainly came because of love, because of love, they spent their whole life treating you well. That is called true love. Every person we meet in this life is a hurried passerby. A divorce, a short or long reunion is also a kind of fate. No one would have ever wished for one, and no one had ever hugged the cold yellow water that had begun to fade in his hands, without caring about the cake on the table. The predestination begins with a cup of hot tea, then ends with the pouring of a faded cup of tea. We always think that the cup of tea today is as rich as the first day. Best regards. As long as you meet the right people, it doesn't matter how many people you encounter before. I don't know how you and that person went through thunderstorms together. I also don't know how much you persevere and dedicate yourself to this love affair. I also do not care how many times he/she left because of the predestined relationship this season but crumble himself/herself. Perhaps, reading this book is just to open up about some old days.

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Tác giả Jacqueline Woodson
Năm phát hành 04-2020