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This title presents state-of-the-art bridge and highway rehabilitation and repair methods. This authoritative volume offers up-to-date guidance on the latest design techniques, repair methods, specialized software, materials, and advanced maintenance procedures for bridges and highway structures. Focusing on both traditional and nontraditional design issues, "Bridge and Highway Structure Rehabilitation and Repair" clarifies the most recent AASHTO bridge design codes and discusses new analytical and design methodologies, such as the application of load and resistance factor design (LRFD). A wealth of concise explanations, solved examples, and in-depth case studies are included in this comprehensive resource. Coverage includes: diagnostic design and selective reconstruction; bridge failure studies and safety engineering; analytical approach to fracture and failure; load and resistance factor rating (LRFR) and redesign; application of LRFD and LRFR methods; inspection and structural health monitoring; bridge widening and replacement strategies; conventional repair methods; advanced repair methods; concrete repair methods; extreme events of flood scour and countermeasures design; and, guidelines for seismic design and retrofit methods.

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Thông tin chi tiết
Tác giả Mohiuddin Ali Khan
Nhà xuất bản MCGRAW-HILL Professional
Năm phát hành 03-2010
ISBN 9780071545914
Trọng lượng (gr) 1
Kích thước 3.8 x 27.8 x 21.8
Số trang 656
Giá bìa 2,000,000 đ