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The main character is the hope of the whole town, from a very young age, he has made intelligent expressions far beyond his peers, so he is very much appreciated by the people that people respect. create many advantages for your study. The book tells about the life of a genius teenager who struggled to live under the pressure of a society that turned genius into rotting wood; this topic also mentioned by many other great writers. is also understandable because otherwise, the genius was not as rare as the autumn leaves among the countless ordinary people we see every day. His father also had a different plan for him, which would be different from normal kids - that he would have to learn a certain job to make a living and everything went smoothly because he was very smart and hard work. The reasons why the protagonist is difficult to refuse because it is expressed through the expression as interest or for his bright future. In fact, the protagonist represents a generation that should have had time to rest, to have fun, to have a childhood like everyone else, which is extremely important to a child's mentality. fully developed. Not to mention the things that people put into it, they themselves have their own attraction, such as the fun to learn a new language, for example. Each person's limitations, in general, are that it is difficult for them to understand the feelings of others when they are only aware by their perspective, they have never placed themselves in the role of the main character to understand the pressure. How terrible your force is. It can be compared to all these things as the wheels of life are passing from hour to minute and crushing people, like stamping dies that will produce a series of identical products.

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Tác giả Hermann Hesse
Năm phát hành 04-2020