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Beautiful from landscape to human, a completely harmonious beauty. Otoko is the beauty of traditional tender affection. Each sentence is like a polished poem to harmonize with the beauty of the work. Keiko is the beauty of youthful aggression, love women. Beauty is so captivating, so indescribable, just reading it to enjoy and immerse yourself in that beauty. Smooth skin, plump breasts, dreamy eyes, ears, lips, body, gentle smile on the seductive face. It must be said that everything is beautiful, a whole is beautiful and ecstatic. Each view of the ancient capital of Kyoto is displayed as picturesque by the skillful pen of the author, making it impossible to leave the scenery on the book page. So many beautiful scenes are laid out in everyone's imagination.The beauty of literature is that. It stimulates the soaring soul, the imagination of the mind, it enriches the inner life of every human being. I am sure anyone who read the work will be immersed in the beauty of real-life beauty that Kawabata drew with a fine pen. My heart is also stirred by the everlasting love waves in this book. Each character is immersed in passionate love and passion, each with different levels of love, all captivating readers. But do not drown too much, you will also suffocate with sadness because the character always comes to the rescue for himself. In his works, he always pursues beauty and expresses beauty but also brings sadness. Sadness parted. Normal and unusual relationship, of ordinary and unusual love, played a melodious, tenacious, melodious song. Kawabata Yasunari is ashamed to be the one who pursues beauty and sorrow to be tormented forever. If I understand the meaning, I can only understand the surface and the deep meanings under the ice, I do not understand it, just calmly wait for a few more years. If you don't understand, then that's good, whatever we were also touched by the pen of this literature.

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