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The book helps me to imagine what it means to have a lover. But imagination is only imagination, I did not expect it to happen. This indifference, because my age no longer allows me to play. It is no longer possible to choose someone of the same age to love, unable to wait for them in the future to even be able to teach someone how to grow up. Because I still have a lot of things to worry about out there. What I want is a stable job, making myself more elite, comfortable, natural life will also be happy without having to love. We grow up, our memories grow and the chest becomes so full that our memories cannot be erased. They can only be faded away by a black hole but cannot disappear forever. Some say, human memory is like a wooden chest, inside is like a black hole in the universe, it can contain Everything we've ever heard, seen, and blown away, no matter how old. What's important is that the wind is still playing with the clouds outside. And that person does not belong to anyone. Failure or success will still be a beautiful memory of youth. Never waste your youth! The dream at that time became a memory item that fit into the drawer of childhood, when I was a kid, expecting this and wanting that. There are times when we feel life is too stuffy, too much tired and cramped, that is when we want to go somewhere far away, simply to hide or balance everything. It was peaceful, there was no suffering, no cruelty, it was simply a strange place for us to spread our hearts freely and let out a sigh. Tired times like this just want to walk the streets and in a quiet place is enough to fill the hurt that we have suffered so long.

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Tác giả Henry Drummond
Năm phát hành 06-2020