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These 32 baseball-theme crosswords have all the bases covered, offering challenging, entertaining, and enlightening puzzles sure to please every fan of the national pastime. Figure out which of the “Heroes of October” was the 1971 World Series MVP (15 letters, 2 words). Or try to name the longtime Yankee third-base coach Frank _____ (1 word, 8 letters). Puzzle themes include

All-time Major League Leaders, Hitting for the Cycle, Dynamic Duos, At the Ballpark, and many more. In case you find yourself striking out, all the answers are included. So, what’s an 18-letter, two-word answer for a terrific time for any baseball fan? Why, it’s Baseball Crosswords, of course!

Answers: Roberto Clemente, Crosetti

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Tác giả David J Kahn , Will Shortz
Nhà xuất bản Sterling
ISBN 9781402705786
Trọng lượng (gr) 120
Kích thước 20.57x13.72
Số trang 96
Giá bìa 85,000 đ