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Barron's - Writing For The TOEFL IBT (Kèm CD)

Updated to reflect the most recent TOEFL iBT exam, this manual prepares students to succeed on the Test of English as a Foreign Language™s Independent Task, the all-important essay question, and on the Integrated Task, which combines reading, listening, and writing skills. The author presents a simple three-step program to help students write like a native speaker of English. His coaching entails getting ideas, organizing details, and developing the topic into clear, grammatical written English. He also provides exercises in proof reading and editing to transform the writing for both Tasks into a finished piece. Over 160 model essays and model integrated tasks are included for students to read and analyze.

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Thông tin chi tiết
Tác giả Lin Lougheed
Dịch giả Dạ Thảo
Nhà xuất bản NXB Tổng Hợp
Năm phát hành 12-2018
ISBN 8935086827482
Trọng lượng (gr) 720
Kích thước 28 x 20
Số trang 700
Giá bìa 145,000 đ
Thể loại