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The " Australia Travel Map " from Periplus is designed as a convenient, easy-to-use tool for travelers. Created using durable coated paper, this map is made to open and fold multiple times, whether it's the entire map that you want to view or one panel at a time. Following highways and byways, this map will show you how to maneuver your way to banks, gardens, hotels, golf courses, museums, monuments, restaurants, churches and temples, movie theaters, shopping centers and more! This 5th edition includes maps and plans that are scaled to: Area Maps: Australia 1:7,700,000Sydney Area 1:650,000Greater Sydney 1:650,000Greater Melbourne 1:150,000Brisbane Area 1:650,000Cairns Area 1:250,000Perth, Darwin Areas 1:300,000Adelaide Area 1:300,000City Plans: Central Sydney 1:10,000Central Melbourne 1:15,000Central Brisbane 1:15,000Central Perth 1:17,500Central Adelaide 1:15,000"Periplus Travel Maps" cover most of the major cities and travel destinations in the Asia-Pacific region. The series includes an amazing variety of fascinating destinations, from the multifaceted subcontinent of India to the bustling city-state of Singapore and the 'western style' metropolis of Sydney to the Asian charms of Bali. All titles are continuously updated, ensuring they keep up with the considerable changes in this fast-developing part of the world. This extensive geographical reach and attention to detail mean that "Periplus Travel Maps" are the natural first choice for anyone traveling in the region.

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Tác giả Periplus
Nhà xuất bản Periplus Editions
Năm phát hành 07-2011
ISBN 9780794606589
Trọng lượng (gr) 91
Kích thước 1.0 x 25.0 x 9.0
Số trang 5
Giá bìa 172,000 đ