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Memory is like moving pictures, which remind us of old things and appreciate the moment of the present. This book reminds us, reminds us, but does not forget to remind us to cherish ourselves in the present. The memories of the day we're still paired up like a slow-motion movie reimagined in dreams. Our mind became dreamy, showing signs of imbalance. The road called forgotten we thought we had reached the final steps. Love lacks paradoxes. The way we cope with the pain makes our later sorrow last longer. Many times we asked myself, did that day we just pour out my heart and cry a game to satisfy, maybe our wound will heal quickly? How many people who love each other can go together to the end of the road. Learning to accept rather than torment ourselves is something that a strong us should do. No doubt because of a dream that all efforts so long turned to ashes. There were days when we woke up lazily, reached out, and pulled the curtain, squinting at the rays of sunlight through the ivy. The influx of people outside is still hustling. The rhythm of the new day does not seem to drag us back to reality. This city is imprinted with our footprints everywhere. Also in this city, we showed an indifferent step when we saw him/her hand in hand with others. In the dictionary of our life never appeared the phrase implicit love so when he/she let go, we accepted it as an obvious thing that will come in my life. Experiencing several love affairs, we thought we were stable before the change of heart. Being strong, it turns out, is not a safety cover. Sadness still creeps into places least expected. Perhaps, the book is like an old dreamlike sky, so that we can remember and ease the sadness.

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Tác giả John Berger
Năm phát hành 04-2020