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"Every page bursts with humor, squee-inducing romance, and an abiding sense of the deep love and joy of its two writers . . .  Always Never Yours is a necessary, feel-good addition to the YA canon.”—Entertainment Weekly

Megan Harper is the girl before. All her exes find their one true love right after dating her. It's not a curse or anything, it's just the way things are. and Megan refuses to waste time feeling sorry for herself. Instead, she focuses on pursuing her next fling, directing theater, and fulfilling her dream school's acting requirement in the smallest role possible. But her plans quickly crumble when she's cast as none other than Juliet--yes, that Juliet--in her high school's production. It's a nightmare. Megan's not an actress and she's certainly not a Juliet. Then she meets Owen Okita, an aspiring playwright who agrees to help Megan catch the eye of a sexy stagehand in exchange for help writing his new script. Between rehearsals and contending with her divided family, Megan begins to notice Owen--thoughtful, unconventional, and utterly unlike her exes, and wonders: shouldn't a girl get to star in her own love story?

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"I'm not the girl in the center of stage at the end of a love story. I'm the girl before, the girl guys date right before they find their true love. Everyone of my relationships ends exactly the same. If the world’s a stage, like Shakespeare wrote, then I’m a supporting role. Or hiddenin the wings."

"When did I say love? I just think it’d be fun. I’m not really the love-at-first-sight, long-walks-on-the-beach, balcony-scene type. ' Woah, what an intersting and unique girl :0 She is totally different from naive girl or shy + reserved girl which is typical in YA stories. Megan is unapologetically bold and relatable to me. She is the accumulation of everything I love in a fictional character. She hates the spotlight, she wants to fulfill her acting requirements in a smallest role possible to get into her desirable university. Megan Harper is the girl before, who always winds up playing the Rosaline in her off-stage relationship. But instead of crying over every breakup and feeling sorry for herself, Megan spends her time on her two passions: pursuing her next fling and directing theater. Although she knows one day this relationship will ends, she’ll jump into it. She is realistic. Since she knows not everyone can find a perfect partner, she doesn’t hold out hope for finding true love herself. She doesn’t bear a grudge towards her step-mother, although sometimes she feels like a left out in the divided family.

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Yet I know a piece of her pain. I know what it’s like to watch the people you care about replace you and never look back. I’ve gone through it eight times now. In the hardest moments, when I face my mom and find my reflection, I can’t help feeling convinced we’ll end up the same in love, forever cast to play the Rosaline in real life. If Randall changes that for her, if he heals even a fraction of the wounds my dad inflicted . . . she should be with him, even if it means starting her own family without me.

I can’t take to Madeleine. Best friends won’t stab behinds each other’s back. She cheats on Megan while Megan always defends her and supports her. If I were Megan, I could never forgive her by a simple apology. Oh, but if things turn out like this, we won’t have a light-hearted reading, right? So I’m ok with how the friendship is fixed.

Owen is full of surpsrise. First, he is an aspiring playwright. Second, he is thoughtful. He can see into quietest, smallest corner of Megan’s heart although he haven’t known her for so long. He knows her well. Third, he has a 6-pack =))))

You sell yourself short,” he says, softer this time. “You give up. It’s what you’re doing with Juliet and the play. I think you did it with your and Tyler’s relationship, too. If you like Will, then don’t write it off. I know you, Megan. Don’t undervalue yourself.”

He makes people feel like he is just a side character or maybe the authors don’t force him to become a cool-unique type male protagonist. He is not a type of boy that you'll fall for the 1st time you meet/ take a shine to, but the more you talk to him, the more he grows on you. It is understandable why sometimes Megan is drawn to him, although it’s not a kind of love at the first place. I also love the way he brings out the best in her. They have comparable personalities. They are a perfect match.

“There’s not a reason except that this play is Romeo and Juliet’s. Rosaline could be the central character of her own story. Just because Romeo didn’t want her doesn’t mean no one else will.” He gestures to the drawer. “You read what I wrote. Isn’t it obvious how I feel about her?”

The story is well-executed. I love the way their friendship slowly turns into a burning romance. Their blossom romance couldn’t be any sweeter. Yep, sweet but not cheesy. I always hold a belief that love will come to you when you least expect it. You play the lead in your own love story.

This story took me back to the feeling I had in high school. I liked the excerpts from Romeo and Juliet play in each every chapter. I also love the way authors portray the high’s and lows of female friendship, and what it means to be someone who makes mistakes and grows from them. I felt very comfortable while reading it. There is no denying that this is a pure enjoyment from start to finish. I was glad that I picked it up as a top choice for summer reading.

P/s: This husband-and-wife duo’s debut novel is adorable and worth-reading . Do you have a feeling that they were telling their own story? (they fell in love in high school and he proposed to her in a book coffee shop, which is quite romantic).

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Tác giả Emily Wibberley
Nhà xuất bản Penguin Books (May 22, 2018)
Năm phát hành 05-2018
ISBN 9780451479846
Trọng lượng (gr) 1 pounds
Kích thước 5.8 x 1.2 x 8.6 inches
Giá bìa 21,588 đ