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The increase in private property value, growth of underground and multilevel development, and the emergence of 3D technologies in planning and GIS drives the need to record 3D situations in cadastral registration. "3D Cadastre in an International Context: Legal, Organizational, and Technological Aspects" demonstrates how to record 3D scenarios in order to improve insight into overlapping constructions. This book emphasizes the technical aspects of cadastral registration, focusing on four main topics: context (in which 3D situations in seven countries are studied); the framework for modeling 2D and 3D situations; models for a 3D cadastre; and realization of a 3D cadastre. The book presents preliminary solutions for issues related to efficient methods for 3D data collection, 3D data structuring and modeling, organization of 2D and 3D objects in one environment, 3D database creation and 3D analyzing.

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Tác giả Stoter Jantien
Nhà xuất bản Taylor and Francis Asia Pacific
ISBN 9780849339325
Trọng lượng (gr) 640
Kích thước 23.5x15.6
Số trang 344
Giá bìa 2,163,000 đ