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They’re the very best in contemporary glass beadmaking, 1000 dazzling and unique examples by an international array of artists. This color survey has it all: the beads come single or in multiples, in jewelry or sculptural pieces, flameworked and kilnformed; and their diversity and beauty are amazing. Julia Skop’s intriguing Secret Surprise showcases clear glass beads with millefiori slices at the ends. Bruce St. John crafts his beads out of diachroic glass, then fuses and coldworks them at the lapidary well after completion. Nebula Black Necklace, from Rene Roberts, features an organic-looking focal bead adorned with fine metal leaf, glass shards, and a subtle dot decoration. An artist’s comment and detail image accompany many of the photos. A Selection of the Crafters Choice Book Club.

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Tác giả Lark Books
Nhà xuất bản Sterling
ISBN 9781579904586
Trọng lượng (gr) 1180
Kích thước 20.574x20.32
Số trang 408
Giá bìa 399,000 đ